Final meeting of the Ukraine project on Thursday, May 31


The project “Prospects of the Farming Sector and Rural Development in European Neighborhood Policy Countries. The case of Ukraine” was executed by SOW-VU in cooperation with IEF and funded by the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC-IPTS).


The project aims to identify the reasons why the resource-rich agriculture in Ukraine cannot unlock its potential. The main report describes the emergence of a dual agricultural sector (large corporate farms vs household farming), highlighting the trade aspects (an export licensing system favoring large farms only), the social aspects (lack of amenities in rural areas) and the environmental aspects (neglect of stewardship).


The project also contributes to capacity building at IEF-NASU with state-of-the-art tools developed by SOW-VU. It pursues the cooperation that started already in 2007 and under which in 2008 a post-doc was recruited by SOW-VU for on-the-job training and research. The project also is a follow-up of the Collaboration Agreement between the EU and SOW-VU where the Centre and JRC agree to enhance and jointly conduct scientific research for sustainable agricultural development.


The project has as special feature that the team in Kiev can avail of a wide set of data covering multiple characteristics of households and farms; they are improving their skills to analyse these datasets in an integrated and coherent way, being able to answer policy questions raised by policy makers or international institutes and organizations, such as the European Commission.


The deliverables of the project are the report on Ukraine’s agriculture transition and institutional framework, and a set of policy briefs. Based on the comments made at the final meeting, the reports are now being finalized and will be released in September.