Policy Response of Poverty Patterns in Mozambique


Early 2011, Bart van den Boom performed a desk review of poverty patterns in Mozambique. The review received funding from a group of bilateral donors with the Dutch Embassy as facilitator and with support from the World Bank and from the UNDP resident missions in Maputo. A report was presented to the development partners and is available in English and in Portuguese.

MozambiqueThe report concluded that controversies exist as regards the poverty patterns in the country over time as well as over space. For example, the 2010 assessment of consumption shortfalls by ‘Ministerio da Planificação e Desenvolvimento’ (MPD) found that poverty was as high in 2009 as it was in 2003 and yet the economy showed a sustained growth over that period. Equally surprising was the extraordinary position of Maputo, in the sense that poverty in Maputo City was found to be about as high as in the north, while Maputo Province was ranked among the poorest provinces, see “Poverty and Wellbeing in Mozambique: Third National Poverty Assessment”


INEThese finding are at odds with the evidence that the income distribution has not changed dramatically and that Maputo holds a relatively favorable position in terms of relevant poverty indicators like child malnutrition, education and asset ownership. One reason for the controversies in the poverty debate is that, in spite of the availability of a wealth of data from surveys and censuses, the capacity to compile these data into a set of comprehensible poverty statistics is limited. Therefore, as a follow-up of the desk review mentioned above, a project started in 2012. The project, "Policy Response of Poverty Patterns in Mozambique", aims at the strengthening of analytical capabilities osf the ‘Instituto Nacional de Estatística’ (INE) and MPD to study poverty patterns. In February 2012, Bart van den Boom and Alex Halsema visited Maputo to establish the necessary contacts and to start up the activities. Read the Inception report.


Workshop INEWorkshop INEFrom May 28 to June 1, 2012, Bart van den Boom and Boualem Rabta gave a first training workshop at INE, a training in which 16 persons participated, mostly from INE. Read the report on the first workshop.






From April 8 to Friday April 19, 2013, SOW-VU hosted the second workshop to strengthen capacities of staff from INE and MPD to study poverty patterns in Mozambique. The workshop featured a variety of presentations, lectures, theoretical introductions and hands-on computer instructions. As this Workshop was held at SOW-VU’s premises, the participants were given the opportunity to learn about the views on development issues of the Director and of the staff and, at the same time, to gain knowledge of modeling approaches from various disciplines. Moreover, during a visit to The Netherlands' Central Bureau of Statistics, participants learned how Dutch statistics on income, living conditions and health are produced.


In the course of 2013, two more research-and-capacity-building workshops are planned.