FPS Literature List 2013-2014








Literature for course World Food System, FPS, 2013-2014


  • Academic articles (in PDF or to be downloaded; listed below).

Lecture 1: John Grin - World Food System; an introduction
- Grin, John (2012) ‘Between governments, kitchens, firms and farms: the governance of transitions between societal practices and supply systems.’ Chapter 2 (p. 35-56) in: Spaargaren, Gert, Anne Loeber, and Peter Oosterveer (eds.) (2012). Food Practices in Transition. Changing Food Consumption, Retail and Production in the Age of Reflexive Modernity. New York: Routledge.
- Marsden, Terry (2012) ´Food systems under pressure: regulatory instabilities and the challenge of sustainable development.´ Ch. 12 in idem.
- Gustavsson, Jenny, Christel Cederberg, Ulf Sonesson, Robert van Otterdijk, Alexandre Meybeck  (2011) Global food losses  and food waste - extent, causes and prevention. Rome: FAO. See: www.fao.org/docrep/014/mb060e/mb060e00.pdf‎

Lecture 2: Max Merbis - The World Food System: scarcity and transition
- Abbott, P., W. Hurt and W. Tyner (2011) What’s driving food prices?, Issue Report, Farm Foundation, Oak Brook, Illinois, US. pdf
- Understanding the WTO, Fifth Ed. (2011), World Trade Organization, Geneva. Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 6. pdf
- SOW-VU (2013) Biofuel mandates of the EU to be preserved by legislative deadlock? SOW-VU Brief. pdf

Lecture 3: Food and the city
- Morgan, K. (2010) Feeding the City: The Challenge of Urban Food Planning, International Planning Studies 14(4): 341-348.
- Steel, C. (2012). Sitopia – harnessing the power of food, in André Viljoen & Johannes S. C. Wiskerke (Eds), Food Planning, evolving theory and practice, Wageningen: Wageningen Academic Publishers (pp.: 37-45). PDF on BB
- Miller, B. & Nicholls, W. (2013). Social movements in urban society: the city as a space of politicization, Urban Geography 34(4): 452-473. PDF on BB
- Shillington, L.J. (2012). Right to food, right to the city: Household urban agriculture, and socionatural metabolism in Managua, Nicaragua, Geoforum 44: 103-111.
- Heynen, N., Kurtz, H.E. & Trauger, A. (2012). Food Justice, Hunger and the City, Geography Compass 6/5: 304-311.

Lecture 4: Bart van den Boom - From poor small open economy to middle income
- Glewwe, P. (2005) Using multi-topic household surveys to improve poverty reduction policies in developing countries, Household Sample Surveys in Developing and Transition Countries, pp. 356-366, UN, DESA. pdf
- Van den Boom, B. (2013) The challenges of the North-South divide and the accumulation of FDI & external debt, in: The State of Ghanaian Economy in 2012, Legon: ISSER. pdf

Lecture 5: Lia van Wesenbeeck - Governance and transformation of institutions
- Keyzer, M.A. & C.F.A. van Wesenbeeck (2007) Past and current practices of food security management, Amsterdam: SOW-VU, pp. 1-23. pdf
- Adams, G. and V.C. Plaut (2003) The cultural grounding of personal relationship: Friendship in North American and West African worlds. Personal Relationships 10, 333-347. pdf
- Baliamoune-Lutz, M. (2011) Trust-based social capital, institutions, and development. The Journal of Socio-Economics 40, 335-346. pdf
- Fafchamps, M. (1996) The enforcement of commercial contracts in Ghana. World Development 24(3), 427–448. pdf

Lecture 6: Wim van Veen - China’s agricultural transition and current challenges
- Fischer, G. et al. (2007) China’s agricultural prospect and challenges, SOW-VU Amsterdam, pp. 1-26. pdf
- Van Veen, W.C.M. et al. (2012) China’s food demand, supply and trade in 2030: updated simulations using the Chinagro model, CATSEI project project, SOW-VU, CCAP, IIASA, May 2012, pdf

Lecture 7: John Grin - Wrapping up
- Grin, John, and Esther Marijnen, ‘Global Threats, Global Changes and Connected Communities in the Agrofood system‘ chapter 61, (p. 1005-1018 in  Hans Günter Brauch, Úrsula Oswald Spring ,Czeslaw Mes­jasz, John Grin, Patricia Kameri-Mbote, Béchir Chourou, Pal Dunay, Jörn Birkmann (Eds., 2011): Coping with Global Environmental Change, Disasters and Security – Threats, Challenges, Vulnerabilities and Risks. Hexagon Series on Human and Environmental Security and Peace, vol. 5 (Berlin – Heidelberg – New York : Springer-Verlag).
- Karadzic, Vanja, Paula Antunes, John Grin (2012) ‘How to learn to be adaptive?’ An analytical framework for organizational adaptivity and its application to a fish producers organization in Portugal´. Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol 45, p.  29-37. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S095965261200354X
- Bush, Simon R., and Ben Belton (2012). ‘Out of the factory and into the fish pond – Can certification transform Vietnamese Pangasius?’ Chapter 11 in: Spaargaren, Gert, Anne Loeber, and Peter Oosterveer (eds.) (2012). Food Practices in Transition. Changing Food Consumption, Retail and Production in the Age of Reflexive Modernity. New York: Routledge.

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