International Conference on Rural Reforms and Development, NANJING
OCTOBER 12Th to 13th
Together with other CATSEI project members, Michiel Keyzer, Wim van Veen and Bo Liu participated from October 12th to 13th in the International Conference on Rural Reforms and Development in Nanjing, marking in particular 30 years of rural reforms in China. Michiel Keyzer gave a plenary speech on the recent food-feed-fuel tensions in the international agricultural markets. As part of the conference, the CATSEI project organized two special sessions to disseminate the results obtained so far. From SOW-VU side, Wim van Veen gave a presentation on the updated Chinagro model projections for the Chinese agriculture until 2030, whereas Michiel Keyzer and Bo Liu presented preliminary results on the price transmission from markets to farmers (work co-authored by Bart van den Boom). Furthermore, a half-day CATSEI project meeting was held to review the current state of the project and set targets for the coming six months.

Field trip to Hefei and He Xian county
The conference was followed by a field trip of the CATSEI team to Hefei, the capital of Anhui province, and to He Xian county. In Hefei, the Anhui Agricultural University was visited. In his address to the team, the president of the University commemorated this year’s 80th anniversary of the University and expressed his desire to explore modes of cooperation with the CATSEI-project. In He Xian county, the team got a good view of the full vegetable supply chain, from farmers, cooperative and experimental station to food safety inspection and wholesale market. This part of the trip had a rather official character, being organized by the staff of the governor and recorded by the local television channel. The visit was concluded with a plenary session rounding up all aspects addressed earlier on the spot.
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