TRIENNIAL Conference of the International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE)

Conference opening

Conference opening

The triennial conference of the International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE) was held from 16-22 August in Beijing. In this conference, professors Michiel Keyzer and Jikun Huang organized on behalf of the CATSEI project a mini-symposium about the big events facing China’s agriculture in the 21st century.

In the mini-symposium, which was well attended, presentations were given by Jun Yang (CCAP) on China’s international trade, by Wim van Veen (SOW-VU) on China’s biofuel plans until 2020 and by Günther Fischer (IIASA) on the environmental problems related to China’s agriculture such as climate change, nitrogen emissions and surface ozone damage. Discussant was Dr. Plum of China’s Ministry of Agriculture. The presentations will soon be published on the CATSEI website. The full text of the biofuel paper (a revised version of the one presented in June at the EAERE conference) can be found here.

CATSEI Presentation by G. Fischer CATSEI Presentation by G. Fischer

Presentation by Guenther Fischer

During the conference week, the CATSEI members also held a meeting to discuss the progress of the project and the division of work for its final period. Furthermore, Bo Liu and Michiel Keyzer gave a presentation at CCAP on the use of SOW-VU’s GRCP software package in analyzing the poverty characteristics of China’s rural population on the basis of the nationwide 2005 household survey and the project’s own village survey. Finally, the presence at the conference of agricultural economists from all over the world provided SOW-VU with an excellent opportunity to discuss intended new partnerships such as those evolving from IFPRI’s AGRODEP modeling network for Africa.

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